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Sexual Intimacy

One of the most challenging subjects we address at Embrace Wellness is sexual intimacy. Our patients often tell Tammy that she has been the first provider to actually ask a patient about his or her intimate health. Sadly, most patients tell her it was the first time they actually felt heard about their concerns, frustrations and questions.

The treatment of sexual issues or sexual dysfunction definitely has a gender bias. If a man tells his healthcare provider, he is having issues in the bedroom, he is prescribed the little magic erection pill. If a woman tells her healthcare provider, she is having issues in the bedroom, she often told to get a babysitter or watch a sexy movie. We wish we were making this up…but, sadly, we are not.

What causes sexual dysfunction?


Sexual dysfunction is experienced differently for men and women, as the causes and subsequent symptoms may vary. Changes in sexual performance are often in conjunction with contributing factors like hormone imbalance and menopause or andropause. Sexual dysfunction can also be the result of more elusive factors like stress and body image. Depression, anxiety, medical conditions, and even medication side-effects can all result in some form of sexual dysfunction.

Common concerns for men are loss of drive or interest, decreased sensation, and decreased ability to maintain or achieve erections. For women, the concerns can be loss of drive or difficulty of with arousal, a vaginal dryness, decreased sensation, diminished responsiveness, inability to climax and pain.

What are the treatments for sexual dysfunction?

Tammy feels it is important to discuss sexual intimacy in a safe, comfortable and non-judgmental atmosphere. Although there is no simple solution, Tammy can help identify if there is a medical, hormonal or environmental cause for sexual dysfunction and then guide you on a path for treatment.

Solutions for men may include

Solutions for women also include…

When marital communication, past experiences, or discontent are issues, Tammy has several therapists in the area that specialize in sexual intimacy issues that she is happy to refer you to as therapy as can be a compliment to your treatment plan.

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